about our blog

Welcome to our blog…a fun place to share your favorite romantic inspirations, whether they involve books, music, pretty things, or whatever else excites you.

Every Sunday, we will discuss a love song (or two) that is particularly noteworthy for its lyrics, melody, or both.  Jamie has fairly broad taste in music, spanning decades and genres, so you never know what you might find.  If she can entice Katherine away from the 80s tunes, perhaps an occasional country song might make the blog.

Midweek, look for a reading recommendation.  Most selections will come from one of the popular romance sub-genres, but we will also discuss popular women’s fiction.

Katherine, our fashionista, will be writing about beauty products, fashion, and fun girls’ day (or night) out ideas.  So if you have a big date, or are looking for something to perk up your day, you should find her posts interesting.

Of course, we women are prone to a bit a whimsy, so we’ll also write about anything that strikes our fancy, incites our passion, or otherwise inspires.

For moms who read the blog, Jamie will periodically post parenting articles based on what she learns from her work with New Canaan CARES, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of youth and families.  The articles can be accessed via the “articles” tab in the navigation toolbar.

We hope you will will share your own thoughts and inspirations with us by replying to our posts.  Let’s have some fun!